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Mr. Clyde what a great bait you have introduced and created for all us crappie fishermen and women to use. I was given a packet of your crappie trailers to use. I was convinced the first time using this bait that I had to keep this bait in my gear at all times. I have used this bait with shiners, jigs and hair jigs. Everytime it has out fished all other baits I have used without your trailers. One of the most outstanding results was when I was spider rigging. I landed three crappie on three different poles at the same time with the crappie trailer. I will continue to keep this bait on hand at all times. Thanks in advance for a great product look forward to using more of your products in the future.

Ronnie Turner

Mr. Clyde & Mrs. Janelle, we fished the Bass Pro Crappie Masters today, and WON and were honored to accept the Bass Pro Crappie Masters 2015 award in the top Male/Female team division! There is NO WAY we could have won this title without using your AWESOME Crappie Trailers! Just 3 days before this big tournament you assured me that using your trailer would pull in slabs every time and you were right! Now because of you and your AMAZING MAGIC TRAILERS and your great advice/pep talk, my husband and I are headed to the National Championship in September. We just cannot thank you enough! We also want to thank our great friend Brandon Jennings, your Pro-Staffer, for sharing info on your Crappie Psychic Trailers! God is so good!! PSYCHIC TRAILERS ROCK!!!

Jason & Kasey Thomas
Monroe, LA

WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!! Clyde took a good ole boy from Illinois fishing in the Louisiana waters with his special bait and I had the time of my life. These baits, along with his amazing technique, insure a boat load of fish. I have had one of the best fishing experiences anyone could look for. If you want to catch fish then look no further. I can see why he is called The Crappie Psychic.

Jeremiah L Wattigny
Jackson Truck and Trailer Repair

I purchased some dem trailors last week. We went to Toleder Bend and nobody was catching any fish. We rigged up our 16 spider-rigged poles with these trailors on every other pole. We caught our limits in 1 hour. No fish were caught on the poles without dem trailors. Went to the store ant bought all they had in stock case we run out. Gar fish really like them too.

Todd Boudreaux

I gave some of these Crappie Psychic "crappie trailers" to my grandson and he loves them. When you use this bait you will catch fish. I don't know what's  in this bait, but I know fish love it and that's all that matters. And what a great gift to give a fisherman. The price is great and you can fill up their tackle box for almost no cost at all. You want fish, I got two words for you, CRAPPIE PSYCHIC, the best little trailers out there. PS., can't wait till the saltwater version is available I will be the first in line...........Jessie Rogers

Jessie Rogers
Ponchatoula, LA

My son and I were fishing on the Tickfaw River the first time I tried the crappie trailer bait. I was using my standard bait and my son was using a black an white tube jig with a chartreuse crappie trailer. After about 30 minutes he had out caught me 6-0. I then decided I need to switch my bait if I wanted to catch fish. I rigged my pole up the same way an within 2 hours we had caught 30 crappie and a few perch. I highly recommend this bait. Todd Vicknair, Ponchatoula, La

Todd Vicknair

The first time we used these, we had been fishing about a half an hour before my husband said, "Hey lets try these crappie trailers to see if they work." He got a strike the first cast. We fished the rest of the day with them with great success. Not only saccalait (crappie) and perch, but large mouth bass hit those little trailers as well. These awesome little "Crappie Trailers" will have a permanent spot in our tackle box from now on. Thankx Crappie Psychic!

Vicki and Kevin Matherne
Luling, La